Elsewhere, other things

On magazine: Il cucchiaio nell’orecchio, Utsanga 1, Utsanga 2, Utsanga 3, Luvina n.90,Tenor de brumas (Mist Tenor); Music: Soloinversi, jazz&poetry concert (UNESCO project 2011), Concerti da Tavolo; Drawings: Frastoons, … and His Surreals, etc.

Special thanks to

Francesco Muzzioli (he knows why…), and my publishers: Arcipelago Itaca, Editrice ZONA, Nino Aragno Editore, Edizioni Tracce, Polimata Edizioni, Le impronte degli uccelli; and thanks again to: Brunella Antomarini, Isabel Violante, George Popescu, Renato Sandoval Bacigalupo (for their precious translations), Dino Ignani (for his stunning photos) and Elio Mazzacane (for direction of the kolossal Enzo). There would be many more, but… But know that you are all in my heart. Goodbye.